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Soul & funky
Soul & Funky
 Soul & Funky

Chris ( Yoda) & Nick ( The Apprentice )
Their love of music brought these two together for the start of the popular Soul & Funky show  here on SF It has taken their show to great hights reulting in playing at numerous live shows around he country, playing the great sounds of Funk, Soul, Motown & Northern Soul.

Nick: has a deep love of 80`s Ska and Reggea, has a vast knowledge of street sounds and 80`s soul.

Chris: is just old, and has a deep love for Funk, Soul, Motown and Northern Soul.

You can catch their live show every Thursday from the Red Lion in Mangotsfield 8pm to 10pm

   BoomBox with T-Man

Parental guidance for some songs on this show 

T-Man has been following Hip Hop since the early 90`s, he has collected a vast amount of music over the years and traveled the country to see many of the greatest heavy weights perform live.
His love and passion or the music led him to start writing his own lyrics many years ago, whitch led him to producing and becoming a DJ

Guest Presenters & Pre-Recorded Shows

We have various guest presenters and pre- recorded shows weekly

We have shows from DJ Chirpy & Rock on with the Phooey

We have live and recorded shows from 70`s - 80`s Club Classic

We have the tear jerker night with Dr Love

Plus many more guests and recorded shows

We have a dedicated monthly spot for new artists and new music

The new Sunday listner slot allows our dedicated listners to sumit their own playlist, 
for their own music show, between 2-4 hours

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