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Chris Payne
August 13, 2023
Soul & Funky
Soul & Funky
                         Soul & Funky
        Chris ( Yoda) & Nick ( The Apprentice )
   Their love of music brought these two together for the start of the popular Soul & Funky show  here on SF It has taken their       show to great hights resulting in playing at numerous live shows around he country, playing the great sounds of Funk, Soul, Motown
 & Northern Soul.
 Nick: has a deep love of 80`s Ska and Reggea, has a vast knowledge of street sounds and 80`s soul.
 Chris: is just old, and has a deep love for Funk, Soul, Motown and Northern Soul.
     You can catch their live show every Thursday from the Red Lion in Mangotsfield 8pm to 10pm

   BoomBox with T-Man 
Parental guidance for some songs on this show 
T-Man has been following Hip Hop since the early 90`s, he has collected a vast amount of music over the years and traveled the country to see many of the greatest heavy weights perform live.
His love and passion or the music led him to start writing his own lyrics many years ago, whitch led him to producing and becoming a DJ

Tea Boy
Tea Boy
Tea Boy has a deep love  of Ska, Reggea and street sounds.
What would we do without him?

Dave Marley
Dave Marley
 When it comes to music, it literally rules Dave's life. He has been DJing since the early 80s, but it wasn’t until the mid 90’s that he became interested in radio presenting.
Dave loves and respect all types of good music, right from as far back as the classic 60s through to the indie pop ’90s & 00s.
He grew up in West London listening to the radio as a young lad and started collecting vinyl at the mere age of 5 years old. He would save up his pocket money to buy records as often as possible, and even now, 50-odd years on, he is still collecting music and is now running out of space to store his massive vinyl collection.
Dave was always a massive fan of the original “Pick of the Pop” presented by the late great Alan “Fluff”  Freeman back in the day, and he always wanted to take a stab at doing his own breakfast show. 
                                                      "Dave Marley's - Marley in the Morning"
              3 hours of great "feel good" music every weekday morning (Monday to Friday) from 7am to 10am. Great music from the 60s through to the 00s. Including feachures such as                      "the feel good hour" "80s at 8" "The 5 at 9" "The Workout Track" "Celeb Birthdays" "The Daily Vintage TV Theme" "Classic Album of the Week" and much more...
                           All that and more, cramed into 3 hours every morning.
Mike Bollea
Mike Bollea

Mike  Bollea

Peter Nightingale
Peter Nightingale

Peter Nightingale

I have been a DJ/Radio Presenter since the 60’s where I started on Land based pirate radio                  
stations and in disco clubs around London.
In the 70's I was still working in Disco clubs and engaged in agent work for the odd outside
broadcasts for radio stations and during that time for 4 years I was doing Hospital Radio.
In the late 70's I was a DJ/Compère in a night club where the acts were groups from the 60's & 70's such as Gerry & The Pacemakers, Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders, The Searchers, The Troggs, plus many more plus Bonnie Tyler and groups such as Paper Lace, Russ Abbot & the Black Abbots etc.
I left the industry during the 80's and returned in 2005 working for Coastal FM where I stayed for over 5 years doing the breakfast show & outside work for the station.
Since 2016 I have continually done weekend shows introducing the English service on RNI
and I am currently still with them. Now I present The Pete Nightingale Pirate Radio Show as they were on the 60's Pirate stations, the shows demostrate the fun, the excitement & the mood as heard on the DLT, Kenny Everett, Tony Blackburn, TW & Dave Cash shows to name a few.  


Rob Charles
Rob Charles

 Rob Charles
 I am a music lover and enthusiast, living in Little Rock, Arkansas. I got started in radio at the ripe     ole age of 15. I stayed on Am & FM radio for around 8 years. I had to get a real job and stayed out of   radio for over 20 years. I never loss the fever for being on air, so I returned to radio on internet radio   in 2015. I am once again returning to it, cause I just can’t shake It. Looking forward to hearing from  y’all, and hope you guys get my message and enjoy the show!!!!! Now Let’s Do This                                                                                                            

Leo Kirby
Leo Kirby
Leo Kirby
I present 50 Years and Rolling .The music I play on the show is extremely versatile From U2 to Calvin Harris, from Steely Dan to Coldplay, from emerging acts such as Loah and Dermot Kennedy to classics such as The Police and David Bowie
It is a must listen to show if you have any interest in music from the last 5 decades with an Irish soft easy voice doing the links in between the tunes, with personality and high quality production thrown in. Also I love extended plays and classic album tracks and also helping up                                                    and coming recording artists get a break in the radio world by playing their music.
                                                  Do please listen to 50 Years and Rolling whenever you can.
      Any songs you would like to hear or requests please contact me on
                                                                        Every best wish from Leo
Gary Hopkins

 Gary Hopkins

My name is Gary and I’ve been a radio presenter since 2011, presenting various shows for stations in Bristol and Weston Super Mare.
Since the mid 2017 I’ve been producing and presenting various recorded shows which are aired on numerous stations globally.
I’ve spoken to many stars in music industry since starting these shows and expect to chat to many more.
Almost Anything Goes Live every Sunday from 8pm til 10pm, and it’s my take on the week just gone, plus music of all genres (hence the title) Name that “TV” tune (so expect a bit of nostalgia), The Sunday Chill and 3 Things about ?? which could be                                          anything.
                                    And of course if there is something that you want to say, get in touch via the dedicated FB page.

Ady Crampton
Ady Crampton

Listening to and playing music has always been a large part of my life.
I bought my first vinyl in 1974 aged 7, by 1983 I was immersed in the UK scooter scene and began attending the rallies which boasted ex-Wigan Casino DJs on their all-nighter line-up.
There was so much music that I hadn’t heard before and of course, as there was a record bar in each venue, my record collection increased although never as much as my wants list.
I really get a kick out of sharing my passion for music and have enjoyed playing my 70s soul, funk and disco records to the world ever since

DJ Proud
DJ Proud


Guest Presenters & Pre-Recorded Shows

We have various guest presenters and pre- recorded shows weekly

The daily morning (Mon - Fri) show is hosted by Dave Marley  Marley in the Morning   

This is followed by   Special K’s
Mid Morning Madness Presented by  

We have various day time slots from Mike Bollea

The Jukebox Party Show &  The Wayback Playback Show 

Chuck Shorter with  Charting In The USA

We have a great Saturday night show with Ady Crampton

Super Sunday evenings with Gary Hopkins 

We have Live & Pre recorded shows from DJ Chirpy & Rock on with the Phooey

We have live and recorded shows from 70`s - 80`s Club Classic

We have the tear jerker night with Dr Love

Plus many more guests and recorded shows

We have a dedicated spot for new artists and new music, these are played Monday through to Thursday each day 2pm to 4pm

The new Sunday listner slot allows our dedicated listners to submit their own playlist, 
for their own music show, between 2-4 hours long 

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